Social Media Planning & Development

PRIME|PR – Social Media Agency in Austin TX

Communications has changed drastically and we like it that way. And let’s face it, there’s been a fundamental shift in the way your customers make buying decisions. We help customers turn their social efforts into true monthly social marketing strategies with programs that deliver measurable results with the use of tools and sites that offer social media marketing as the purchase of instagram or facebook likes, in sites like

We experience it every day and we leverage our know-how to keep our clients a step ahead. Let us help you identify and engage in the most crucial online conversations revolving around your brand. By monitoring and analyzing media and consumer discussions and recommending effective engagement strategies we’ll help manage your reputation and brand in a rapidly changing world.

Social Media Evaluation/Consultation

  • Target Demographic Research

Recommendation on Improving Platforms

  • Contests/Giveaways
  • Polls
  • Exclusive Content
  • Shareable Content
  • Action-Provoking Content
  • Two-Way Conversation

Social Media Strategy Development

  • Objectives/Goals
  • Tactical Plan
  • Built-in Metrics Guide

Social Media Analytics Support

  • Facebook Insights Tutorial
  • Measure ROI

Crisis Communication Response&lt

  • Immediate Response to Unfavorable postings on SM platforms (i.e. Yelp, Facebook, Twitter)

Tactical Social Media Support

  • Tagging Promotion
  • Partner Promotion
  • Blogger Outreach