Media Relations

Media relations used to simply mean having several people sit in front of phones and “smile and dial”. That was enough to get your story out. Not anymore. Now you must be an expert in the material you are pitching – even able to answer the first three questions from a member of the media before they’ll take you and your story seriously.

At PrimePR we live and breathe technology, so we are always on top of the latest tech trends – enabling us to blend your unique story into a greater national tech trend. This really helps those that do not have a solid customer reference base. We can create stories and conversations around your company, instead of relying on you to provide customer case studies or product releases to gain media attention.

Ongoing media relations consist of targeted opportunities that can include any of the following:

Continued PR/AR activities would include the following:

  • Researching and pitching the relevant media and analysts
  • Researching and pitching editorial calendars
  • Placing product reviews
  • “Bouncing back” to relevant coverage
  • Pitching trend stories
  • Writing contributed articles
  • Monitoring coverage and tracking competitors
  • Producing press releases surrounding company events, news and product announcements
  • Drafting customer case studies and pitching to relevant media
  • Researching and pitching speaking opportunities at target trade shows
  • Support for trade shows – on-site, logistics, etc…
  • Blog research and executive level op eds