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How to Write a Great Corporate Intro Video Script

Corporate videos are an essential component of modern business communication strategies. They serve as a platform to promote brands, showcase products, and communicate with stakeholders. Writing a script for a corporate video is a specialized skill that requires a deep understanding of the company’s brand and goals. In this article, we will explore how to write a corporate video script that is effective, engaging, and persuasive.

1.       Understand Your Audience

The first step in writing a corporate video script is to understand your audience. Who will be watching the video, and what do they need to know? A corporate video is typically aimed at customers, investors, and employees. Each of these groups has different interests and needs, and your script should reflect that.

For customers, the script should focus on the benefits of the product or service being offered. It should highlight how the product or service solves a particular problem or improves the customer’s life. For investors, the script should focus on the company’s financial performance, market position, and growth potential. For employees, the script should focus on the company’s values, culture, and mission.

2.       Identify Your Key Messages

Once you understand your audience, you need to identify your key messages. What do you want to communicate in the video? Your key messages should be concise, clear, and memorable. They should focus on the benefits of your product or service and the unique value proposition that your company offers.

For example, if you are promoting a new software product, your key messages might be:

Our software makes your life easier

Our software saves you time and money

Our software is easy to use and reliable

These key messages should be woven throughout the script, so that they are repeated and reinforced.

3.       Structure Your Script

A corporate video script should have a clear structure that guides the viewer through the message. The script should start with an attention-grabbing opening that hooks the viewer and sets the tone for the rest of the video. This could be a startling statistic, a provocative question, or a bold statement.

The body of the script should expand on the key messages, providing supporting evidence and examples. This is the heart of the script, and it should be engaging and informative. Use a variety of visual techniques, such as graphics, animation, and live-action footage, to keep the viewer interested.

The conclusion of the script should summarize the key messages and leave the viewer with a strong call to action. This could be a request to visit the company website, sign up for a free trial, or contact the sales team.

4.       Use Plain Language

Corporate videos can often be filled with technical jargon and buzzwords that are difficult for the average viewer to understand. To be effective, a corporate video script should use plain language that is easy to understand. Avoid using technical terms unless they are essential to the message.

Instead, focus on clear, concise sentences that convey the message in a straightforward way. Use simple words and sentence structures, and avoid using long, complicated sentences. This will make the video more accessible and engaging for a wider audience.

5.       Make it Engaging

A corporate video should be engaging and entertaining. It should grab the viewer’s attention and hold it throughout the video. There are several ways to make a corporate video more engaging:

Use storytelling techniques to create a narrative that the viewer can follow.

Use humor to lighten the mood and make the video more entertaining.

Use visual techniques, such as animation, to add interest to the video.

Use music and sound effects to create an emotional connection with the viewer.

These techniques can help make a corporate video more engaging and memorable.

6.       Edit and Revise


Once you have written your script, it’s important to edit and revise it. This will help ensure that the script is clear, concise and carries your direct message as quickly as possible.

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