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Upon initial engagement with DJI (Chinese consumer drone maker) in November 2012, the company had no brand awareness in the US and had secured no coverage amongst mainstream or vertical media (outside the APAC region). PRIME|PR was tasked with rapidly building the DJI brand and helping to change the negative perception of drones in the North American market.

Within six months, DJI was hailed as the new “Apple” and had secured hundreds of articles highlighting their innovative quality and benefits of the product to professional and amateur videogr aphers alike. When the engagement ended in April of 2014 (due to all operations going back to China), PRIME|PR had secured more than 600 unique, proactive articles (1000s of additional reactive articles) for an ad equivalency rating of more than $80M, positioned Colin Guinn (DJI NA CEO) as the absolute expert for US-based drone/UAS discussions and placed Colin Guinn in more than 20 top-tier speaking slots and four keynotes.

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Whether you just need a quick PR-related question answered, an unbiased review of a press release, a sounding board for whether your pitch should be offered to everyone or as an exclusive – PRIME|PR is ready to help.

If you need more – top level strategy on messaging and branding, creative pitch creation and execution to get more ink, or a fully integrated PR and marketing campaign from scratch, PRIME|PR is your agency. Let us show you what we can do.

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