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Due to a legal battle between DJI and DJI NA, the company’s North America subsidiary was closed and all DJI operations went to China. Colin Guinn then joined fledgling US drone manufacturer 3D Robotics to lend his celebrity and thought leader status, as well as marketing contacts. Colin Guinn immediately contacted PRIME|PR to tap our expertise and media relationships in order to take share of voice from DJI in the North American market.

Even though DJI had claimed 80% of the US share of voice and top leader status, PRIME|PR was able to level the share of voice between DJI and 3DR in a short eight month timeframe. Prior to PRIME|PR’s engagement, 3DR was perceived as a research-focused firm with no real viability in the consumer market and no real product focused media coverage. In the eight month engagement, 3DR’s brand changed to be recognized as the top competitor to DJI and the only company capable of stealing strong market share.


Upon initial engagement with DJI (Chinese consumer drone maker) in November 2012, the company had no brand awareness in the US and had secured no coverage amongst mainstream or vertical media (outside the APAC region). PRIME|PR was tasked with rapidly building the DJI brand and helping to change the negative perception of drones in the North American market.

Within six months, DJI was hailed as the new “Apple” and had secured hundreds of articles highlighting their innovative quality and benefits of the product to professional and amateur videogr aphers alike. When the engagement ended in April of 2014 (due to all operations going back to China), PRIME|PR had secured more than 600 unique, proactive articles (1000s of additional reactive articles) for an ad equivalency rating of more than $80M, positioned Colin Guinn (DJI NA CEO) as the absolute expert for US-based drone/UAS discussions and placed Colin Guinn in more than 20 top-tier speaking slots and four keynotes.


WhiteGlove was a new physician company launching in Austin, TX dedicating themselves to a new style of home health care services. They knew how they wanted to operate, but lacked the strategic business/marketing plan for a real go-to-market launch. They also had no brand awareness in the small area they serviced.

The team worked with everyone to build the right message, marketing collateral and a media outreach campaign. Within months, the service area all knew of WhiteGlove’s services and the campaign challenged potential patients to ask their workplace to include them as a special insurance coverage. Within the first year, many insurance companies were including WhiteGlove as an approved clinician.


Techisource approached PRIME|PR to help build brand awareness of the company and turn around an ineffective internal PR/marketing team. PRIME|PR again employed a multi-tier media campaign to highlight the business problem and showcase how Technisource was uniquely positioned to solve IT skills gaps via their contingent labor model. Since media are not interested in covering the services of a staffing agency, PRIME|PR developed a series of surveys to share with media and highlight the thought leadership nature of the company. We also worked with the company’s clients (IT workers) to develop strong case studies that demonstrated the value of working with Technisource through personal and emotional narratives.

After engaging with PRIME|PR, Technisource coverage grew by 300% and was viewed as the go-to source for IT-based labor market discussions by both media and economists. Recurring features in top IT publications and national business (Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal) publications exploded the company’s valuation – ending up with a purchase by rival Randstad for an estimated 3x the value pre-engagement.


XTech was a new company in semiconductor training – offering training to military and other occupations that needed retraining in modern semiconductor equipment.
XTech built out the training facility and staffing services, but on one knew they were an option and suffered two quarters of devastating losses due to no marketing efforts.

The executives met with PRIME|PR for a week long messaging and branding session to launch the company and secure immediate revenue generation for their training services. PRIME|PR used a combination of brand awareness media campaigns and digital services for immediate promotion of their new Fall semester classes. The media campaigns created the brand awareness necessary to grow well over time and the digital services secured enough immediate students to bring the company to profitability.

Wallace Chen - DJI
"PRIME|PR was a game changer for my business. Within 12 months they were greatly responsible for increasing our annual revenue from one million to 300 million."
Wallace Chen
Marketing & Sales for DJI
Chris Anderson - 3D Robotics
"I was not a fan of public relations, viewing it as an unnecessary expense -- until I met PRIME|PR. They showed us the power of solid, strategic PR."
Chris Anderson
CEO 3D Robotics
JT McCormick - President of Headspring
“PRIME|PR goes well beyond traditional public relations. They acted as an extension of our marketing team at a CMO level – reviewing all our marketing vendor contracts, quickly finding redundancies, and saving us more than $30,000 a month.
JT McCormick
President Headspring
Roy Truitt - HubCiti
“Through PRIME|PR we were able to really develop our messaging and kickstart our media campaigns to boost brand awareness. In less than a year, they secured nearly 800 articles, giving us 76% of the share of voice over our competitors.”
Roy Truitt
CEO HubCiti
“It’s amazing to work with a group that immediately understands technology so well. I didn’t have to waste months trying to educate yet another firm on what makes us different, PRIME|PR got it during the first meeting.”
Chuck Smith
SVP Product Strategy & CRO Cyphre
Scott Wattenberg
“Few PR professionals have been able to so easily understand MEMS device technology as easily as PRIME|PR. They have engineering experience and that’s a big differentiator in the overly saturated PR industry.”
Scott Wattenberg
CFO Microstaq

The PRIME | PR Team

Nicolia L. Wiles

Founder & Principal

Sandra Kimball


Niles Patel

Vice President, Social Media & Event Management

Mercy Feris


Shruthi Parker

Social Media Marketing Guru

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