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5 Pillars of Great SEO

SEO is not simply stuffing keywords into your blog posts. It is mostly about designing an impressive and well-thought-out approach. And this entails settling for one that is broad and focuses on the technical infrastructure of your website.

Secondly, it should focus on the quality of your content, effective content marketing and, most importantly, audience satisfaction. The internet is awash in information.

For your content to stand out in search engines results, you need to go the extra mile in the right direction.

Below, you will find 5 most effective pillars of an impressive SEO approach:

Website Design and Structure

A good website is determined by its structure. A well-structured website offers a great user experience. It, therefore, should be appealing to users and, of course, to search engines. To rank your site and include it in search results, Google uses information from searchers. Build great structures and thus make users dwell longer on your site.

This way, your website will perform better in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). With a good SERP performance, Google will award your website with sitelinks. Sitelinks are a sure way of dominating SERP. They attract traffic to the internal pages of your website. Do not forget to also adapt your site to mobile devices.

Make it easier for Googlebot Crawl to access and index your website content. Achieve this by designing a well-structured site. It is the very foundation of an impressive SEO strategy.

How do you create a good site structure?

  1. Build a simple and logical hierarchy with an average of five categories. These categories should have an even number of subcategories.
  2. Design a URL structure that is simple and descriptive.
  3. Code simple HTML or CSS for site navigation.
  4. Make a navigation structure that has a lasting user experience.
  5. Create a header listing main navigation pages.
  6. Internal linking: utilize strong call to actions. It directs users on what to expect.

Create High-Quality Content

The power of high-quality content cannot be ignored, not by Google. High-quality content satisfactorily answers queries by Google users as well as adheres to content guidelines.

On 1 August 2018, Google updated its algorithm which was aimed at improved Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). The update focused on health, medical and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites. This has heavily affected site rankings. Most dropped, while some went up.

Google’s intent is to offer a great experience to its users. Content creators and websites must, therefore, display high levels of expertise and provide credible information. This expertise can be shared in videos, images, and GIFs, as long as it meets Google’s updated algorithms. High-quality content cannot be plagiarized—Google will penalize you for plagiarism.

Target Audience Satisfaction

What customer needs are you seeking to address? Develop content with the consumer in mind. To address their needs, make contact with your customers. Get valuable feedback from your target audience. This feedback will help you craft the next piece of content for your pages. The more your target audience is satisfied, the more customers you will attract.

Seek customers’ opinions on their interests and preferences. To do this, try social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Contribute to groups and forums in your niche.

Sign up for forums such as Quora and interact with other users based on the Q&A approach. Use Google Analytics to get feedback on the content you shared earlier on your website. Work with the feedback to improve.

What’s your competitor’s edge? What techniques are they using for impressive SEO strategies? Learn from the content they create and use your findings to implement what you learn. Stay updated on consumer trends affecting your niche and develop content addressing their pain points.

SEO-Audit Your Website

Why is your website not getting traffic and generating sales? Tools like Google’s Webmaster and Fetch as Google will help you complete an audit. While auditing, pay close attention to site performance. Use your findings to fix any issues you discover.

Some of your findings may be:

  1. Lack of SEO-friendly title tag on your website pages.
  2. Missing SEO-optimized keywords. Use RankBrain to optimize the title tag and keywords.
  3. Too long and complicated URL structures which are not SEO-optimized. Keep them short and simple.
  4. Are your blog posts formatted correctly? Every page should have headings and subheadings. Paragraphs should be 2-4 sentences long. Put important points in bold or italics for more visibility. Put a call to action in every blog post.
  5. Lastly, your content is not linked. Link it internally to your own content and externally to other authoritative sites.

Conversion Optimization

Does your content sell? An impressive SEO approach should factor in conversion optimization. The quality of the content you develop will directly affect your conversion rates by influencing your website’s organic search results.

Let your content market itself, but not with AdWords. Your marketing strategy should be intentional with your keywords lest they qualify as fluff. Don’t get stuck on keyword volume. If wrongly used, keywords may work against your website by turning away consumers.

Perform regular conversion audits. This will leave you informed about the changes to be implemented in your conversion funnel. Carry out frequent A/B tests to refine and help prioritize strategies for the marketing funnel.

Optimize your landing page. It will guide you into improvement opportunities that exist in the general website layout. Finally, try guest posting content in your niche. This will earn you trusted links and grow your audience. The new audience will buy from you, which is your goal.


Why did you establish a website? Clearly outline that in your pillars. Improving your rankings in search engines will call for bug fixing. The five most effective pillars of an impressive SEO approach will help you deal with the slow loading speed (crawling) of your website.

This will be made a success by designing a well-structured website, creating high-quality content, focusing on target audience satisfaction, SEO-auditing your website to attract traffic, which in turn will convert into high sales.

Generally speaking, the benefits of the five effective pillars of an impressive SEO approach are: improved Google ranking, increased traffic. The authority of the website increases with more readership, which translates into higher revenues.

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