Before a company can tell the right story to the right people, strategic messaging must be completed to insure we are working with the right story from the start. We find that in most companies, especially start-ups, there are as many disparate messages as there are different executives.

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Content Creation

The worst trend in Corporate America is the mass avoidance of good marketing content. The Web site is the single most important marketing and sales tool available to a company today – it’s the first thing a customer looks at, and if designed wrong, could be the last. Boost sales with video, case studies, tradeshow materials and everything in between.

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Earned Media

Media relations used to simply mean having several people sit in front of phones and “smile and dial”. That was enough to get your story out. Not anymore. Now you must be an expert in the material you are pitching – even able to answer the first three questions from a member of the media before they’ll take you and your story seriously.

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Digital Media

Covering all aspects of traditional paid media, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and marketing automation. We use technology to give a strong boost to your increased revenue generation, a greater return on Google Adwords investment and scalable findings and results.

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Social Media

Communications has changed drastically and we like it that way. And let’s face it, there’s been a fundamental shift in the way your customers make buying decisions. We help customers turn their social efforts into true monthly social marketing strategies with programs that deliver measurable results.

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Business Planning

We work with many start-ups (and developed businesses) that believe PR is all they need to turn around a failing or faltering business, when in reality they need an update or complete change their business plan. We’ve successfully transformed dozens of businesses from the very ground up – much to the extreme delight of many spouses.

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A brand is not just a logo or tagline, it is an emotion. When you think of famous brands like McDonalds, Nike, Apple or Toyota, each of them conveys some thought or experience in all of us. A successful brand is one that can gain wide recognition and garner trust and loyalty - brand building builds a personal association to a company or product. It's all about messaging!
  • PRIME|PR was an excellent Public Relations resource for Legerity and helped me significantly in my efforts to build the brand recognition of the company.

    Nate Long, Microchip Technology

  • PRIME|PR is one of the most strategic PR firms I've worked with. Their professionalism is matched equally by their experience and knowledge of the media and trends we wanted to cover. Not only were they able to secure multiple interviews for us, but were excellent at briefing spokespeople before the interview and maintaining the direction of the interview while it was happening. Their ability to understand technology sets them apart from the majority of PR firms.

    Ken Hayes, Randstad Technologies (formerly Technisource)

  • These guys have the energy of a small sun. Bottom line, they get it done. It was a pleasure working with them and they brought the results expected from the engagement. Yes, I would hire PRIME|PR again and again.

    J.J. Shafer, ProExecute

  • We knew that Prime PR had our best interests at heart when they told us to delay our publicity push. They assessed our position in the market and the readiness of our technology and concluded that PR would be detrimental at the time. Rarely do you find a firm that tells you not to pay them because it will benefit you in the long run. Trust is a premium in any business relationship, and I unabashedly trust the wisdom and judgement of the Prime PR team.

    Oliver Meek, Frame Buzz

  • Jenn Gooding is the greatest PR agent I know. Because of her awesome connections I was interviewed by Fast Company, which led to a TV spot on the Steve Harvey Show. She is masterful at arranging national press.

    Michael Dadashi, MHD Enterprises

  • Nicolia Wiles is one of the most creative, strategic, and trustworthy communications experts I know. When you work with Nicolia, you know you will be successful.

    Leanne Agurkis, CA Technologies